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Each year, ICANN holds three Public Meetings in different regions around the world. Currently, the ICANN Bylaws define the five geographic regions as Africa; Asia/Australia/Pacific; Europe; Latin America/Caribbean and North America. ICANN sets the dates and regions in which it will hold its meetings in accordance with the 2016 Meeting Strategy definitions for Meeting A (Community Forum), Meeting B (Policy Forum). and Meeting C (Annual General Meeting).

Selection Criteria Documents

For a current list of future meeting dates, please visit https://meetings.icann.org/calendar.

The meeting selection criteria outlined in this document will be used to guide the evaluation of both community-recommended and ICANN-identified meeting locations. Elements such as cost of the meeting for ICANN and the community, convenience to international airports, availability of sufficient hotel guest rooms in or near the venue, meeting facilities, network infrastructure, personal safety of meeting participants, and total level of financial support will be considered by ICANN in making its final selection of a meeting site.

I. Cost

A major factor in determining the location of the ICANN Meeting will be the cost to ICANN, and to community members. In cases where funding is being offered, it will be considered as part of the overall economic evaluation of recommended locations.

II. Air Travel

Accessibility to international airports, and convenience and cost of travel to and from the recommended city, will be considered by ICANN when selecting a location for the meeting. ICANN will also examine visa restrictions for individuals travelling from specific countries.

III. Local Transportation

The meeting venue should be a reasonable distance from the airport. Access to convenient and affordable public transportation, including but not limited to trains, buses, shuttles, taxis or subways will be considered.

IV. Hotel Accommodations

Hotel accommodations located close to the meeting venue must be available for up to 2500 participants. ICANN will contract guest rooms for approximately 425 Board, staff, and supported community members (number will vary by meeting type). ICANN will negotiate special rates for all attendees, and will have the hotel guarantee the lowest possible room rate inclusive of Internet and breakfast. Primary hotel accommodation costs should be reasonable. Supporting hotels should provide accommodations at varying price points.

For detailed hotel accommodation requirements, see Appendix A.

V. Meeting Facilities

The meeting venue should provide excellent space for required meetings, should be conveniently located in a metropolitan area close to other hotels, restaurants, banks, public transportation, and shopping areas, and should provide a social environment conducive to networking among community members.

VI. Meeting Space Requirements

The tables indicated in the meeting selection criteria below outline the estimated required space to accommodate each of the three types of ICANN meetings. All meeting space must be available on a 24-hour basis for the dates specified.

Community Forum PDF Web

Policy Forum PDF Web

Annual General Meeting PDF Web

ATTENTION HOSTS! Availability of the required space for a meeting must be confirmed prior to submitting a proposal.

VII. Network Infrastructure

The venue must permit the installation of cables and wireless access points in hallways, meeting rooms, and open areas. The total conference space must naturally provide a minimum amount of technology infrastructure and equipment to support a successful meeting. Formal meeting space must also be able to accommodate a variety of audio-visual equipment, with special attention to acoustical separation from surrounding spaces.

For detailed Bandwidth and Infrastructure requirements, see Appendix B.

VIII. Safety and Security

In keeping with ICANN's commitment to transparency and accountability, a high degree of information and disclosure is required from the prospective host about security, the political situation in the host city and country, and any other issues that could affect the success of the meeting.

The meeting location must provide a safe and secure environment for all meeting attendees. ICANN-contracted security assessments, government advisories, and UN phase ratings will be used to determine the overall risk of the proposed location.

ICANN may choose to bring independent security experts into the host country to ensure the safe conduct of the ICANN Meeting. Our ability to do that is requisite to holding a Meeting in the proposed location.

IX. Local Host Responsibilities

The following items will be the responsibility of the local host:

a. Assist ICANN in locating a suitable meeting venue and supporting hotels
b. Facilitate an airport welcome desk
c. Provide local host letter of invitation and assist attendees with visa and immigration issues
d. Identify providers and fund installation of necessary external Internet bandwidth
e. Provide and coordinate required IP address space
f. Identify and invite government dignitaries to speak at the Welcome Ceremony
g. Arrange meetings with government security agencies
h. Identify local vendors to provide required services such as A/V, registration staffing, signage, and transportation
i. Assist with customs issues
j. Plan, host, and fund a Gala event (optional)

X. Local Host Benefits

a. A 3 x 3 m (10 x 10 ft) exhibit booth space during the hosted event and the option to have a promotional desk at the ICANN Meeting prior to the hosted event.
b. Acknowledgement of host, with logo link and company profile prominently displayed on the official meeting website.
c. Logo on official meeting signage throughout the event (provided by ICANN)
d. Public acknowledgement by the ICANN Board during Welcome and Board Resolutions at the end of the event (if applicable).
e. High-Level Speaking opportunity at Welcome
f. Social media promotion

XI. General Information

The submission of an Expression of Interest to Host an ICANN Meeting does not create any obligation on ICANN to select the applicant/host for an ICANN Meeting. ICANN's selection will be based upon the criteria outlined above, and other factors that may or may not be disclosed to applicants. All decisions relating to the selection of the location for the ICANN Meeting remain at all times solely within ICANN's discretion.

Expression of Interest Form Requirements

Proposals must be submitted via the online form. The opportunity to provide additional supporting documents is offered at the end of the form. Before submitting an EoI, be prepared to provide the following information:

1. Location Details

2. Host Contact Details

3. Meeting Facilities: Conference Venue

4. Meeting Facilities: Supporting Hotels

5. Attachments

Submitter will have the option to attach supporting documents to the EoI form.