ICANN Meetings Calendar and Archives
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EventMeeting TypeDatesLocationICANN Region
ICANN93Annual General Meeting (30th)21-26 October 2028TBDTBD
ICANN92Policy Forum12-15 June 2028TBDTBD
ICANN91Community Forum4-9 March 2028TBDTBD
ICANN90Annual General Meeting (29th)30 Oct - 4 Nov 2027TBDTBD
ICANN89Policy Forum14-17 June 2027TBDTBD
ICANN88Community Forum13-18 March 2027TBDTBD
ICANN87Annual General Meeting (28th)17-22 October 2026TBDTBD
ICANN86Policy Forum8-11 June 2026TBDTBD
ICANN85Community Forum7-12 March 2026TBDTBD
ICANN84Annual General Meeting (27th)25-30 October 2025TBDTBD
ICANN83Policy Forum9-12 June 2025TBDTBD
ICANN82Community Forum8-13 March 2025SeattleNA
ICANN81Annual General Meeting (26th)9-14 November 2024TBDTBD
ICANN80Policy Forum10-13 June 2024KigaliAF
ICANN79Community Forum2-7 March 2024San JuanNA
ICANN78Annual General Meeting (25th)21-26 October 2023HamburgEUR
ICANN77Policy Forum12-15 June 2023Washington, D.C.NA
ICANN76Community Forum11-16 March 2023CancúnLAC
ICANN75Annual General Meeting (24th)17-22 September 2022Kuala LumpurAP
ICANN74Policy Forum13-16 June 2022The HagueEUR
ICANN73Virtual Community Forum7-10 March 2022Online Only (*San Juan)NA
ICANN72Virtual Annual General Meeting (23rd)25-28 October 2021Online Only (*Seattle)NA
ICANN71Virtual Policy Forum14-17 June 2021Online Only (*The Hague)EUR
ICANN70Virtual Community Forum22-25 March 2021Online Only (*Cancún)LAC
ICANN69Virtual Annual General Meeting  (22nd)13-15 & 19-22 October 2020Online Only (*Hamburg)EUR
ICANN68Virtual Policy Forum22-25 June 2020Online Only (*Kuala Lumpur)AP
ICANN67Virtual Community Forum7-12 March 2020Online Only (*Cancún)LAC
ICANN66Annual General Meeting (21st)2-7 November 2019MontréalNA
ICANN65Policy Forum24-27 June 2019MarrakechAF
ICANN64Community Forum9-14 March 2019KobeAP
ICANN63Annual General Meeting (20th)20-25 October 2018BarcelonaEUR
ICANN62Policy Forum25-28 June 2018Panama CityLAC
ICANN61Community Forum10-15 March 2018San JuanNA
ICANN60Annual General Meeting (19th)28 Oct - 3 Nov 2017Abu DhabiAP
ICANN59Policy Forum26-29 June 2017JohannesburgAF
ICANN58Community Forum11-16 March 2017CopenhagenEUR
ICANN57Annual General Meeting (18th)3-9 November 2016HyderabadAP
ICANN56Policy Forum27-30 June 2016HelsinkiEUR
ICANN55 5-10 March 2016MarrakechAF
ICANN54Annual General Meeting (17th)18-22 October 2015DublinEUR
ICANN53 21-25 June 2015Buenos AiresLAC
ICANN52 8-12 February 2015SingaporeAP
ICANN51Annual General Meeting (16th)12-16 October 2014Los AngelesNA
ICANN50 22-26 June 2014LondonEUR
ICANN49 23-27 March 2014SingaporeAP
ICANN48Annual General Meeting (15th)17-21 Nov 2013Buenos AiresLAC
ICANN47 14-18 July 2013DurbanAF
ICANN46 7-11 April 2013BeijingAP
ICANN45Annual General Meeting (14th)14-18 October 2012TorontoNA
ICANN44 24-29 June 2012PragueEUR
ICANN43 11-16 March 2012San Jose LAC
ICANN42Annual General Meeting (13th)23-28 October 2011Dakar AF
ICANN41 19-24 June 2011SingaporeAP
ICANN40 13-18 March 2011San FranciscoNA
ICANN39Annual General Meeting (12th)5-10 December 2010Cartagena de IndiasLAC
ICANN38 20-25 June 2010BrusselsEUR
ICANN37 7-12 March 2010 NairobiAF
ICANN36Annual General Meeting (11th)25-30 October 2009SeoulAP
ICANN35 21-26 June 2009SydneyAP
ICANN34 1-6 March 2009Mexico CityLAC
ICANN33Annual General Meeting (10th)2-7 November 2008CairoAF
ICANN32 22-26 June 2008ParisEUR
Dubai Regional Mtg 1-3 April 2008DubaiAP
ICANN31 10-15 February 2008New Delhi AP
ICANN30Annual General Meeting (9th)29 Oct - 2 Nov 2007Los Angeles NA
Taipei Regional Mtg 19-21 October 2007TaipeiAP
ICANN29 25-29 June 2007San JuanNA
ICANN28 26-30 March 2007LisbonEUR 
ICANN27 Annual General Meeting (8th)2-8 December 2006São PauloLAC
ICANN26 26-30 June 2006MarrakechAF
ICANN25 25-31 March 2006WellingtonAP
ICANN24Annual General Meeting (7th)30 Nov - 4 Dec 2005 VancouverNA
ICANN23 11-15 July 2005 Luxembourg CityEUR
ICANN22 4-8 April 2005Mar del PlataLAC
ICANN21Annual General Meeting (6th)1-5 December 2004 Cape TownAF
ICANN20 19-23 July 2004 Kuala LumpurAP
ICANN19 2-6 March 2004 RomeEUR
ICANN18Annual General Meeting (5th)27-31 October 2003 CarthageAF
ICANN17 22-26 June 2003 MontrealNA
ICANN16 23-27 March 2003 Rio de JaneiroLAC
ICANN15Annual General Meeting (4th)14-15 December 2002 AmsterdamEUR
ICANN14 27-31 October 2002 ShanghaiAP
ICANN13 24-28 June 2002 BucharestEUR
ICANN12 10-14 March 2002 AccraAF
ICANN11Annual General Meeting (3rd)12-15 November 2001 Marina del ReyNA
ICANN10 7-10 September 2001 MontevideoLAC
ICANN09 1-4 June 2001 StockholmEUR
ICANN08 9-13 March 2001 MelbourneAP
ICANN07Annual General Meeting (2nd)13-16 November 2000 Marina del ReyNA
ICANN06 13-17 July 2000 YokohamaAP
ICANN05 7-10 March 2000 CairoAF
ICANN04Annual General Meeting (1st)1-4 November 1999 Los AngelesNA
ICANN03 23-26 August 1999 SantiagoLAC
ICANN02 25-27 May 1999 BerlinEUR
ICANN01 2-4 March 1999 SingaporeAP

*Original event location prior to cancellation of the in-person aspect of the meeting. All events are conducted during regular working hours in the time zone of the original event location.