Prep Sessions is the initiative from ICANN org that consolidates all pre-ICANN Public Meeting webinars. With this initiative, we not only hope to improve community preparation, but also to increase awareness of plenary topics and enhance briefings and readout sessions.

ICANN68 Prep Sessions will take place between 8-18 June 2020. You may find the current schedule with confirmed sessions below.

A registration link to sign up for prep sessions will be posted soon. Please check back here for updates.

Webinar Materials and Access Details

1) Interpretation Platform Kick-Off Webinar

Monday, 8 June 2020   12:00 UTC  and 22:00 UTC 
  • Overview on how to use the interpretation platform

2) ICANN Org Operations Planning Team Update    

Tuesday, 9 June 2020   16:00 UTC   
  • ICANN's FY21 Operating Plan and Budget
  • ICANN's FY21-25 Operating and Financial Plan

3) Universal Acceptance Annual Strategic Action Plan Webinar

Thursday, 11 June 2020   16:00 UTC   
  • The progress on Universal Acceptance Steering Group’s (UASG) FY20 Action Plan
  • Details on Universal Acceptance Steering Group’s (UASG) FY21 goals.

4) ICANN Open Data Program Update

Tuesday, 16 June 2020 16:00 UTC 
  • Overview of the ICANN Open Data Program
  • Update on the developments since Open Data Platform Launch v1.0

5) Pre-ICANN68 Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Policy Webinar

Wednesday, 17 June 2020   12:00 UTC   
  • Update on GNSO projects and activities, including Policy Development Process (PDP) work, projected timelines, and current challenges

6) NomCom Review: Implementation Milestones

Wednesday, 17 June 2020   16:00 UTC  
  • Update on implementation progress
  • Outreach on recommendations including Bylaws updates

7) Policy Webinar

Thursday, 18 June 2020   16:00 UTC  
  • Updates on policy development and advisory work from all ICANN Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees