This event took place on 7 March 2016 from 10:00-16:45 +00 at ICANN Public Meetings in the Oliveraie room.
Mon, 7 March 2016 - 10:00 to 16:45 +00
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Session Leader(s): 
Kimberly Carlson | Coordinator, SO/AC Support, Policy Development
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Technical Workshop, with presentations, discussions and hands-on demonstrations in an interactive format. Open to anyone interested in technical topics related to registry work, security etc.

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Tech Day | Audio: Part 1 [EN] Audio Stream Archive English
Tech Day | Audio: Part 2 [EN] Audio Stream Archive English
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Tech Day | Transcript [EN] Transcript [PDF 4.15 MB] English
Universal Acceptance: Don Hallander | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 106.3 KB] English
SAND Project: Ricardo Schmidt | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 1.22 MB] English
Anycast – CIRA (.CA): Jacques Latour | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 475.66 KB] English
Anycast – PCH: Bill Woodcock | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 3.69 MB] English
Anycast – NetNod: Patrik Faltstrom | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 5.2 MB] English
Anycast – Cloudflare: Olafur Gudmundsson | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 764.64 KB] English
Anycast – DYN: Andrew Sullivan | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 441.22 KB] English
Anycast – NIC.CZ (.CZ): Jaromir Talir | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 224.53 KB] English
Anycast – Nominet (.UK): Chris Griffiths | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 5.03 MB] English
KNOT Resolver: Ondřej Surý | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 957.01 KB] English
EAI (IDN E-Mail): Marvin Woo | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 2.55 MB] English
EBERO: Francisco Arias | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 2.24 MB] English
DDos Attack on .TR: Attila Ozgit | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 1.49 MB] English
OPS-TLD: Cristian Hesselman | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 970.84 KB] English
F-Root Deployment Strategy: Jeff Osborn | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 1.78 MB] English
Q&D DNSSEC Monitoring: Jaap Akkerhuis | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 744.89 KB] English
Tech Day | Agenda [EN] Agenda [PDF 202.15 KB] English