This event took place on 9 March 2016 from 09:00-15:30 +00 at ICANN Public Meetings in the Oliveraie room.
Wed, 9 March 2016 - 09:00 to 15:30 +00
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Session Leader(s): 
Kimberly Carlson | Coordinator, SO/AC Support, Policy Development
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The Council and Members will discuss a number of issues affecting a cross-section of the world's country codes. Additionally there will be updates on developments and best practice from various ccTLD managers.

The session is open for the ccTLD community and anyone interested in ccTLD related topics.

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ccNSO Members Meeting Day 2 | Adobe Connect: Full [EN] Virtual Meeting Room Stream Archive English
ccNSO Members Meeting Day 2 | Audio: Full [EN] Audio Stream Archive English


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ccNSO Members Meeting Day 2 | Transcript [EN] Transcript [PDF 4.26 MB] English
Sense of community support for CCWG-Accountability Final Supplemental Proposal : Bryon Holland | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 309.56 KB] English
Implementation CWG Stewardship Proposal: What does the ccNSO need to do? : Trang Nguyen | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 654.39 KB] English
.tz local dispute resolution services – Abibu Rashi Ntahigiye | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 165.35 KB] English
New legal frame work for .vn – Phan Thi Nhung | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 669.32 KB] English
Intermediary liability and ccTLDs – Peter Van Roste | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 308.6 KB] English
What is the .np registry – Suraj Adhikari | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 446.51 KB] English
News from .ru – Irina Danelia | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 6.96 MB] English
Growing a sustainable ccTLD: the rebirth of .ng – Segun Akano | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 1.2 MB] English
IXPs and anycast service – Jacques Latour | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 2.98 MB] English
CENTR Update – Peter Van Roste | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 376.11 KB] English
AFTLD Update – Barrack | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 151.42 KB] English
APTLD – Leonid Todorov | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 358.49 KB] English
LACTLD – Carolina Aguirre | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 848.16 KB] English
Introduction PDP retirement of ccTLD and reviw – Becky Burr / Bart Boswinkel | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 40.86 KB] English