Archival Record | ICANN 54 - Dublin:

This event took place on 21 October 2015 from 12:30-14:00 +01 at ICANN Public Meetings in the L5 Foyer room.
Wed, 21 October 2015 - 12:30 to 14:00 +01
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L5 Foyer
Session Leader(s): 
Albert Daniels | Stakeholder Engagement Sr Manager -The Caribbean
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The objective of this session is to facilitate face to face interaction amongst ICANN meeting participants from the Caribbean facilitating an establishment of contacts, sharing of knowledge and experience leading to future regional collaboration. The session also aims to connect related organizations like CTU, OECS, LACNIC, ARIN, LACTLD etc. with active stakeholders from the region.

Agenda Details: 

Caribbean Participation/Contribution in ICANN Community

Regional Strategy Working Groups Update - Caribbean

National Multi-stakeholder IG Structures