Archival Record | ICANN 54 - Dublin:

This event took place on 22 October 2015 from 09:30-13:30 +01 at ICANN Public Meetings in the Liffey Hall 1 room.
Thu, 22 October 2015 - 09:30 to 13:30 +01
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Liffey Hall 1
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An Internal Round Table / Workshop for ICANN staff involved with L-Root program globally (GSE, L-Root Operations team, Comms, Legal).

Agenda Details: 

Draft to TBF

  1. Brief Introduction to Root Server and Anycast Technology

  2. Overview of ICANN L-root program

  3. Review of L-root copy deployment process

  4. Partnership

    4.1 Review of partnership and way to enhance them
    4.2 Feedback from partners and regional engagement

  5. Way forward
  6. AOB