Archival Record | ICANN 54 - Dublin:

This event took place on 17 October 2015 from 16:30-18:30 +01 at ICANN Public Meetings in the L4 Foyer room.
Sat, 17 October 2015 - 16:30 to 18:30 +01
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L4 Foyer
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NCSG - NCUC Non-Commercial Users Constituency ( Community outreach event, in particular for local and newcomer NGO / civil society community

Agenda Details: 


Welcomes and Participant Introductions

• William Drake, NCUC Chair
• Maria Farrell and James Gannon, NCUC (local organizers)
• Adam Peake, ICANN staff coordinator with civil society


Overview of NCUC Work on Key Issues at the Dublin Meeting

• IANA and the transitioning of US control (Milton Mueller and Matt Shears)
• Accountability mechanisms in the context of globalization (Arun Mohan Sukamar and Farzaneh Badii)
• Human rights initiatives (Niels ten Oever and Rafik Dammak)
• Privacy, WHOIS and registry services (Maria Farrell and James Gannon)


Invited civil society participants from the Europe region and beyond share information on their activities and interests with respect to Internet governance generally and ICANN issues in particular


Open discussion


Priority Sessions in the Coming Week and Closing

• William Drake, NCUC Chair


Reception for all local guests and civil society @ ICANN

Transcript to be provided

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