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This event took place on 19 October 2015 from 10:00-18:00 +01 at ICANN Public Meetings in the Liffey Hall 2 room.
Mon, 19 October 2015 - 10:00 to 18:00 +01
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Liffey Hall 2
Session Leader(s): 
Kristina Nordstrom | Secretariat Services Coordinator, ccNSO
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Technical Workshop, with presentations, discussions and hands-on demonstrations in an interactive format. Open to anyone interested in technical topics related to registry work, security etc.

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Tech Day | Adobe Connect: Part 1 [EN] Virtual Meeting Room Stream Archive English
Tech Day | Adobe Connect: Part 2 [EN] Virtual Meeting Room Stream Archive English
Tech Day | Audio: Full [EN] Audio Stream Archive English


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Tech Day | Transcript [EN] Transcript [PDF 2.13 MB] English
Reputation Metrics Design: Maciej Korczyn?ski, .nl | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 2.71 MB] English
The Turris Project: Ondrej Filip, .cz | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 1 MB] English
IETF DNS Privacy Work: Warren Kumari, Google | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 685.16 KB] English
ICANN's New Technical Team: David Conrad, ICANN | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 14.83 MB] English
Top Level Domain Incident Response "Recovery" Checklist: Dave Piscitello, ICANN | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 3.29 MB] English
IETF DPRIVE WG: Encrypting DNS: Sara Dickinson, Sinodun | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 592.35 KB] English
.ve Data Cleanup: Rumary Ricaute, .ve | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 2.69 MB] English
Early Domain Names: Roy Arends, ICANN | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 6.24 MB] English
Yeti DNS: Shane Kerr, BII Lab | Presetntation [EN] Presentation [PDF 2.71 MB] English
DNS Incident Response Panel: Janelle McAlister | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 1.39 MB] English
IEncrypt – a work-in-progress: Stephen Farrell, .ie | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 564.76 KB] English
Internet Data Portal: Jay Daley, .nz | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 1.14 MB] English
RDAP Authentication: Scott Hollenbeck, Verisign | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 1.17 MB] English
Atom Feed of Registry Data: Jan-Hendrik Lochner, .de | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 1.61 MB] English
The New .cl: José Urzúa, .cl | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 466.08 KB] English
TLD Data Analysis: Maarten Wullink, .nl | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 3.59 MB] English
The ZoneMaster: Patrik Wallström, .se | Presentation [EN] Presentation [PDF 2.39 MB] English
Tech Day | Agenda [EN] Agenda [PDF 190.04 KB] English